Hjalti Páll IngólfssonWGC 2020 Lead Project Manager and Operational Manager of GEORG

    Hjalti Páll Ingólfsson is the Operational Manager of GEORG – Geothermal Research Cluster, which is an international cluster organization on geothermal research. His background is in marine – and mechanical engineering. He holds an MSc degree in industrial engineering from the University of Iceland, with a special emphasis on renewable energy management. He has over 15 years’ experience in project management and coordination of renewable energy projects both on national and international (EU) level. Mr. Ingolfsson is heading the GEOTHERMICA Office on the bases of a contract between GEORG and Orkustofnun the GEOTHEMRICA coordinator, he is leading the dissemination work package in the DEEPEGS project.  Mr. Ingolfsson was also highly involved in like, ECTOS, HYFLEET-CUTE, EURO-HYPORT, NEW-H-SHIP, to name a few. On behalf of Iceland, he is a member of the Energy configuration of the Horizon 2020 Programme Committee, is a board member of the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Deep Geothermal and has taken an active part in SET-PLAN on behalf of Iceland.

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