Sigurður M. GarðarssonProfessor and Dean of Engineering and Natural Sciences, University of Iceland

    Dr. Sigurður M Garðarsson is a professor and Dean of Engineering and Natural Sciences, of the University of Iceland. Sigurdur graduated in Civil Engineering from University of Iceland in 1991. He did his graduate studies at University of Washington in USA and got an M.Sc. degree in Hydraulic Engineering 1993, an M.Sc. degree in Applied Mathematics 1995 and a Ph.D. in Hydraulic Engineering in 1997. He worked at WEST Consultants in Seattle, USA, 1997-2000, at VST Consulting Engineers Ltd. 2000-2003, as an Associate Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Iceland in 2003, and was appointed Professor in 2007 and Head of Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering in 2008. He has published extensively and worked on various consulting projects in the field of environmental and hydraulic engineering, both in USA and Iceland.

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