Árni RagnarssonSenior Engineer at ÍSOR - Iceland Geosurvey

    Dr. Árni Ragnarsson is a Senior Engineer at ÍSOR (Iceland GeoSurvey). He has a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Norwegian Institute of Technology and has worked at ÍSOR and its predecessor since 1987. His main expertise is geothermal utilization and engineering technologies, both electricity generation and direct heat applications. Prior to his work at ISOR he was the Head of the Energy Statistics and Analysis Division of Orkustofnun (National Energy Authority of Iceland) 1997-2005 and the Executive Director of IGA (International Geothermal Association) 2006-2010. He was a member of the IGA Board of Directors from 2010 to 2016 and served as the Secretary of IGA the last three years of that period. Dr. Ragnarsson has a long experience in international cooperation, e.g. management and coordination of international projects for the WB and the EU. He has been an instructor at the UNU Geothermal Training Programme in Iceland since 1991 and lecturer on the direct utilization of geothermal energy at the University of Iceland and Reykjavik University.

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