The following Short Courses and Workshop are scheduled to be offered in association with WGC2020, either before or after the Congress. Detailed information on contents, length and lecturers will be given in early 2019.
Final decision on the Short Courses will also depend on actual participation.

Short Courses

Geoscientific and Environmental Aspects of Geothermal Development

1. Conceptual Modelling of Geothermal Systems – 2 days

2. Combatting Climate Change through the UN SDGs: Role of Geothermal – Policies, Regulations and Social Influence. – 1 or 2 days

Engineering Aspects of Geothermal Utilization

3. Utilization of Low- to Medium-Temperature Geothermal Resources – The Icelandic Example – 2 days

4. Challenges and Solutions in Power Plant Operations – 1 or 2 days

Geothermal Drilling

5. Geothermal Drilling: Standards, Strategies and Reduction of Risks and Costs – 2 days

Project Management and Finances

6. Project Management and Finances in Geothermal Development – 3 days

7. Enlarging the Geothermal Revenue Stream to Strengthen Geothermal Projects – 1 day


8. Uncertainty Quantification for Geothermal Modelling – 2 days

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