Description of WGC2020 IGA Fellowships

There shall be three types of IGA Fellowships that can be granted in relation to the WGC 2020. There is a limited number of these Fellowships. The number depends on the final amount of money available for Fellowships. Hence not all applicants automatically get a Fellowship. Some applicants may be waitlisted.

  • Type 1: WGC Registration.
  • Type 2: WGC Registration + Accommodation for the duration of the Congress Technical Programme.
  • Type 3: WGC Registration + Accommodation for the duration of the Congress Technical Programme + Accommodation for the duration of a Short Course. Registration and payment for a WGC Short Course are required in order to be eligible for this Fellowship.


Gender equity is of concern to the WGC organizers. The IGA Fellowship organizers have noticed that in the past, Fellows were predominantly men. In 2020, half of the IGA Fellowships will be awarded to women.

Regional balance will also be a factor in awarding Fellowships.


The IGA Fellows will not receive any cash payment. For the Accommodation Fellowships (Type 2 and 3), the accommodation will be organised by the Host (typically hostel standard).

Process and dates:

An application may be submitted with the abstract or any time until 8th Dec 2019 on the WGC2020 website.

Applications will be shortlisted by the Fellowship Committee. Following the paper submission and acceptance, shortlisted applicants will need to provide evidence of flight purchase (receipts).

The Host will advise the recipients in a timely manner.

Eligibility & Rules

  1. People from countries listed in this page, and indigenous people* in developed nations (see definition in Section 3), are encouraged to apply.
  2. Age: there is no age limit.
  3. The applicant must be an author and presenter of an accepted WGC paper or poster. There is only one Fellowship awarded per submitted article, and co-authors are not eligible.
  4. One application is permitted per person.
  5. Half of the Fellowships will be awarded to women.
  6. Applications after Dec 8th, 2019 will not be considered.
  7. Institutional support:  Applicants will have to provide proof of their ability to attend. At the time of application, a signed letter from an institutional representative is required approving travel costs that will be supported by the applicant’s institution. The expected travel costs are flights, in-country food and transport. Before the Fellowship is confirmed, the receipt for evidence of flight purchases must be presented.
  8. Fellowships will not be given to Accompanying Persons or to Exhibitors.
  9. Speakers who have been awarded Fellowships will be required to pay back the value of the Fellowship in full if they fail to show up to present all of their accepted papers/posters.
  10. The decision of the IGA representatives on Fellowships is final.



  1. Withdrawal of institutional support. Note that withdrawal of institutional support for one person may have consequences for others from that institution or even from that country.
  2. Failure to obtain visa by required date.
  3. Failure to show evidence of flight purchase by required date.
  4. The WGC 2020 Fellowship Committee reserves the right to cancel or withdraw a Fellowship as it sees fit.


Indigenous people … are regarded as indigenous on account of their descent from the populations which inhabited the country, or a geographical region to which the country belongs, at the time of conquest or colonization or the establishment of present state boundaries and who irrespective of their legal status, retain some or all of their own social, economic, cultural and political institutions.

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